10 Amazing Places to visit in Antalya

Beautiful Antalya is considered the gateway to the Turkish Riviera. Antalya rests beside the Gulf of Antalya and is the largest city in Turkey, on the Western Mediterranean coastline. This city has a lot to offer the casual traveler as well as the hardcore adventurer. It is a beautiful destination and here’s a look at the best places to visit in Antalya :

Düden Waterfalls

Düden-Waterfalls In Antalya - Turkey
Düden-Waterfalls In Antalya – Turkey

The Düden Waterfall is a lovely group of waterfalls that can be found in Antalya and is located in Düden Park. This unique display is made up of recycled water station water is that falls down a mountain in the north-east of Antalya. A waterfall is actually a group of two waterfalls, the Upper Düden Waterfalls, and the Lower Düden Waterfalls. These waterfalls originate farther into Antalya and are a mixture of regular water and recycled water that is being remixed into the water stream. It eventually empties into the Mediterranean. There is a tourist park at the entrance. It can also be seen by taking a boat trip the Antalya harbor.

Tünek Tepe

Tünek-Tepe In Antalya - Turkey - places to visit in Antalya
Tünek-Tepe In Antalya – Turkey – places to visit in Antalya

Tünek Tepe is a very tall hill on the West Side of Antalya. It is 618 meters high that is 2009 feet tall! Once you reach the top, you will find a night club known as the Döner Gazino which is available for private parties with a view of the Gulf of Anatolia. There is a tram that can be taken to the top of the peak that was put into use in 2013.The entire project cost over 14 million Turkish lira

Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu-ParkIn Antalya - Turkey
Karaalioglu-ParkIn Antalya – Turkey

Karaalioglu Park is located just south of Kaleiçi in the center of everything. Karaalioglu Park can easily be reached on foot. This beautiful park overlooks the Gulf of Antalya is surrounded by monuments and statues around the park that commemorate the poet Nâzim Hikmet along with a figure to Don Quixote. There is a monument to the Worker and Son the Hand sculpture and several frog sculptures. The beautiful park is worth the visit to the area and it a place for a pleasant escape from the city.

Arapsu Bridge

Arapsu-Bridge In Antalya - Turkey
Arapsu-Bridge In Antalya – Turkey

The Arapsu Bridge is an elegant footbridge the lies in the Arapsutyu district. It is a Roman bridge that is very well preserved that leads to a mound that is thought to be part of the Greek colony of Olbia. A masonry arch can be found about 100 meters downstream that is believed to date back to Roman times though this cannot be authenticated right now. It has been classified as a segment of a Roman bridge because of the pointed arch, which is considered more modern and less ancient construction. This is a perfect place for history enthusiasts to enjoy a piece of old Turkey.

Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s-Gate In Antalya - Turkey
Hadrian’s-Gate In Antalya – Turkey

Hadrian’s Gate is the entrance gate into the Kaleici District. It is considered one of the most exciting parts of Kaleici because of the history associated with it. From these gates is a long Hellenistic Roman town wall that once ringed the city. The wall and the Gate were erected in AD 130 to honor the visiting Emperor Hadrian. The Gate is an imposing three-arched marble gateway that has two large and majestic towers striking to the sky. As a tourist, you can walk through the gates and see intricate carvings with rich enhancements that are well preserved.

The Old Harbor

The-Old-Harbor In Antalya - Turkey
The-Old-Harbor In Antalya – Turkey

Antalya’s old harbor is a treasure of history and beauty. It is the perfect image of a picturesque village by the sea with boutiques, cafes, bazaars, and the very blue harbor. The old harbor was once one of the major ports in the Mediterranean. It was the main trading port that brought prosperity to the city and the whole region. In this modern era, it is a quaint area that is dedicated to commerce and shopping that is primarily done by tourists, but it is still worth the visit to catch a glimpse of the city as it was when it was one of the leading destinations of old-world commerce.

Yivli Minare

Yivli Minare In Antalya - Turkey
Yivli Minare In Antalya – Turkey

The Yivli Minare is one of the most distinctive landmarks in Antalya. It was built by Seiku Sultan Alaeddin Keykubdad (1219-1236). This style of the minaret is a beautiful example of the architecture of the time. It is also attached to a 14th-century mosque that is still used today. Yivli Minare is right next to a gate into the old city. The Gate is the Kale Entrance gate. It is also conveniently located across from an Ottoman-era clock tower.


Aspendos In Antalya - Turkey - places to visit in Antalya
Aspendos In Antalya – Turkey – places to visit in Antalya

Aspendos is a historical site that is about 47 kilometers east of Antalya. This archaeological site is an old Roman Theater. It is thought to be one of the best, if not the best, preserved Roman Theaters in the world. It was built during the 2nd and 3rd century. The theater itself has been fully restored to its original glory and seats 15,000 people. The rest of the historical site is still in ruins, but even worth the time to go see.


Ternessos In Antalya - Turkey - places to visit in Antalya
Ternessos In Antalya – Turkey – places to visit in Antalya

Termessos is another set of ruins, but it is far better than Aspendos. Termessos was a warlike people who wanted to maintain their independence in the mountain stronghold. Termessos is 34 kilometers. The entire city is well-preserved ruins that are scattered along the hillside they’re lived in. There are incredible views of the countryside from the ruins. It is advised that you wear sturdy shoes and take your time exploring this site as it is an entire ancient city.


perge In Antalya - Turkey - places to visit in Antalya
perge In Antalya – Turkey – places to visit in Antalya

Perge is full of half-collapsed and full of rubble, but the wreckage houses temples a stadium and a vast Colonnaded agora that bring you back to an earlier time. It was the capital of Pamphylia which saw its best days under Greek and Roman rule. They are 17 kilometers east of Antalya and are not as well preserved as other ruins, but they are still worth a visit as that may mean fewer visitors and more time to explore the Roman baths, the Hellenistic Gate, and Acropolis.

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