10 Best Places To Visit In Alanya

            Alanya is a sun Seaside town in Turkey that offers the tourist a wide selection of activities to enjoy while they are there. There are places to relax, plenty of history and adventure! This Mediterranean town sits on a rocky peninsula dotted with 13th-century castles. This may be a small area, but there is plenty of things to do here and it is rich in history and culture.

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle In Turkey
Alanya Castle In Turkey

This beautiful old castle is definitely worth a trip to see. The fortress was built in the 13th century, but the foundation dates back to the 3rd century BC which means that there was a structure already in the spot of this fortress that was built on top of it. The walls themselves are 6.5 kilometers thick and the entire structure may be making the Unesco World Heritage listing soon. At the top is the Red Tower. If you make the climb to the top you will have an amazing view of across the city to and to the Cilician mountains.

Alanya Red Tower

The Red Tower - Turkey
The Red Tower – Turkey

Sultan Alaadin Keykubat conquered Alanya and the Red Tower was built as a symbol of his conquest. It was also built to help defend the town’s shipyard from future invasions. It was so important to the region as a symbol of importance that old Turkish banknotes have a picture of it printed on them. The eight-sided tower was completed in 1226 and is 33 meters high and has five floors. The lower floors have historical exhibits about Alanya, such as their exhibits on fabrics, work tools, weapons, and other items that have survived to modern times that document the city’s history

Alanya Sapadere Canyon

Alanya Sapadere Canyon In Turkey
Alanya Sapadere Canyon In Turkey

Sapadere canyon is a place to appreciate nature. There are walkways running above the rushing river that leads past several small swimming holes. The walkways were constructed to not harm the environment and if the water rises too high, they will rise with it and fold up. The canyon is 40 kilometers from Alanya though it’s easily reached. The Sapadere canyon is a good place to go to avoid the heat of the summer. You can also visit the local mill and silk factory to make a day out of the experience.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach - In Turkey
Cleopatra Beach – In Turkey

Cleopatra beach is an excellent place to go to beat the summer head. The sand sparkles and the water is clear and cold. It is said the Ptolemaic princess bathed in the waters of the beach on her way to visit Mark Anthony. The beach is located 2 kilometers away from Alanya castle. The sand and the water are free to enjoy, but if you wish to rent one of the many beach chairs that are available, you will need to pay.


Hierapolis -Turkey
Hierapolis – Turkey

Hierapolis was a Greco-Roman city in South West Anatolia. You can explore the remains of the city that has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can also visit the site’s natural hot springs which are said to have healing properties. The spa has been healing people since the 2nd Century. The ruins of Hierapolis are situated not very far from Pamukkale. There is a large necropolis located at the site that has untouched sarcophagi in residence including that of Marcus Aurelius Ammianos. 

The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo In Alanya- Turkey
The Temple of Apollo – Turkey

The Temple of Apollo is a beautiful site full of natural and historical things to see. This well-preserved piece of history has seafront temples to look into, a very well-preserved amphitheater where ancient humans went to be entertained as well as the sea to look down on. Once you are done enjoying the ruins of this site you can visit the nearby Manavat Waterfalls, you can even swim or fish in the waters or enjoy a hike around the Manavagat River.

Syedra Castle

Syedra Castle In Alanya Turkey
Syedra Castle In Alanya Turkey

If you want to explore a castle then exploring Syedra Castle is the way to start. It is a castle embedded in history. It sits in the middle of the city on a large hill to give it prominence. The castle marks the remains of the ruined city of Syedra. The town itself is still on the hill with the castle, but the castle is what stands out most prominently. There are walking tours and guides available to conduct you through ruins that have withstood the test of time for over 2000 years.

Alarahan Castle

Alarahan-Castle In Alanya Turkey
Alarahan-Castle In Alanya Turkey

Alarahan Castle is an impressive castle that was built upon a conical shaped rock. This was done on purpose because the rock was so stepped that it conquered the people that came to conquer the Castle. It was too steep for them to climb up. The only want to get into the castle is to follow a series of secret tunnels through the rock. Even today, it is the only way to get into it. It is a fantastic castle to view and it gives a terrific view of the city at the top

Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü-Canyon In Alanya Turkey
Köprülü-Canyon In Alanya Turkey

Köprülü Canyon is a Canyon and a National park. The entire canyon covers around 366 miles of beautiful river and canyon with the canyon running 400 meters long. This is a beautiful area to visit and take the Roman Oluklu Bridge over the gorge and the Bugrum Bridge. Both were considered engineering feet for their day. If you want a little more excitement, you can also sign up to raft the river running along the bottom of the canyon.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya-Aquarium In Turkey
Antalya-Aquarium In Turkey

The Antalya Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. It is home to some of the world’s most rate sea life plus it offers a way to see the oceans of the world up close with the layout of their facility. You will not only look at the waters of the world, but they do have a tank that shows what is living in the waters off of Antalya. They even have a pool where you can rest and watch the depths of the ocean swim by you. 

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