Top 15 lakes in Ontario for fishing & recreational activities

The lakes in Ontario are terrific places to come for all manner of outdoor fun and activities. There over 250,000 bodies of water in Ontario with 4,000 larger ones. Most are located in the North area of Ontario and offer travelers and locals direct waterfront access. There are cabins and resorts throughout the northern region of Ontario that is perfect places for families to visit. if you are interested in Fishing, we are listed for you the best of 15 lakes in Ontario for fishing.

There are also some dedicated to the areas national past time of fishing. The Lakes of Ontario have plenty of different types of fish. Finding the best lakes in Ontario for fishing is not easy. The lakes scatter various types of trout, small and largemouth bass, salmon and any other type of fish you could want across the region. Permits for the fish, required for all types of fishing, as there are limits on how many fish each person can catch.

Top 15 lakes in Ontario for fishing :

1. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario - Canada
Lake Ontario – Canada

Lake Ontario is a lake that has two countries connecting it. On three of its sides, there is Canada; on the last side in the United States of America. Since 2012, almost 50 people have successfully swum across it. It is a wonderful place to walk and drive around. There are boat rides and sightseeing busses that cruise its length on both sides of the border. The skyline of Toronto is visible from the Canadian side of the lake, and if you are spending the day out on the water, there is plenty to do. Fishing on Lake Ontario is one of the main things to do on the lake. Some of the largest salmon and trout on record reside in this lake.

2. Lake Superior

Lake Superior - Canada
Lake Superior – Canada

Lake Superior is the largest inland sea. It is completely freshwater and is 3,000 cubic miles of water that is 500 feet deep. The beaches surrounding the lake are perfect for picnics and a day’s drive around it as there are 70 miles scenic driving just north of Ontario. This Lake is a good place for trout fishing as the control of the water level is up to the St. Mary’s water gates. The basin is rich in natural resources which makes the fishing spectacular.

3. Lake Huron

Lake Huron - Canada
Lake Huron – Canada

Lake Huron borders Canada on the north and east sides. The name comes from the French explorer who discovered it. The lake has salmon and other types of fish, which makes the best place to fish on either side of the border. Fishing is the main attraction, but the lake is full of surprises for any visitor including reefs, a sunken island, and early shipwrecks. These added attractions have brought boats on to the lake to gaze at the under-lake treasures on clear days.

4. Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe Canada
Lake Simcoe Canada

Lake Simcoe is the fourth-largest lake in Southern Ontario. This lake is north of Ontario and is full of fun and excitement for any visitor. There are beaches with parks, water sports, boating, and fishing. During the winter months, there is just as much going on as it is a popular and beautiful area for snowmobiling, downhill skiing at any of the nearby resorts, cross-country skiing — Snowshoeing and ice fishing across the lake. The lake is an excellent destination year-round for fishing and outdoor fun.

5. Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair - Canada
Lake St. Clair – Canada

Lake St. Clair offers some of the best opportunities for outdoor fun that anyone can enjoy. The lake is freshwater which means it is full of freshwater fish. There are several fishing spots that are perfect for catching smallmouth bass. Most of the fish caught over 5 to 6 pounds at least. If you are more into outdoor activities for families, the lake has many places where families can enjoy the sand and the sun. Lake St. Clair is also a place for enjoying the nightlife. There are many restaurants to enjoy and some of the best places to get a good drink.

6. Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing - Canada
Lake Nipissing – Canada

Lake Nipissing destination vacations are truly fun. There is more than just finishing and hunting around this lake. There are numerous places to buy and rent kayaks and canoes for extended water adventures and plenty of sandy beaches for children to play on. Though if you are in the area of fishing, there are several secrets spots around the lake that only the locals know. If you meet one, they can help you find the best spots. You can also charter a floatplane to travel to some of the more remote spots for fishing.

7. Stony Lake

Stoney Lake - Canada
Stoney Lake – Canada

Stoney Lake, located in Central Ontario, Canada. There are three lakes connected that makeup Stoney Lake. The area has many places for beachfront access and a lot of summer homes, some of which rent out throughout the year. There are resorts to enjoy as well as a host of activities involving boating, swimming, and fishing. The fish around the area include salmon and trout; though they are not in evidence as much anymore.  Sports fishermen love to fish in the area for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, pickerel, and muskellunge.

8. Lake Rosseau

Lake Rosseau - Canada
Lake Rosseau – Canada

If you are looking for some good fishing and recreational activities, then you need to go to Lake Rosseau in Ontario, Canada. There are several secrets and not so secret fishing holes all over this beautiful lake along with a host of streams that feed into it. If you are traveling with your family, then there are several resorts up and down the lake for families to enjoy. There are plenty of places to swim and kayak. There are also several cottages to rent if you want something a bit more private.

9. Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods - Canada
Lake of the Woods – Canada

Lake of the Woods Touches Ontario and the State of Minnesota. Fed by several rivers large and small, the Lake of the Woods has over 70 miles of trees, the lake, and campgrounds and several RV parks. The woods have many places to hike and or quiet places to relax and enjoy the water. There are many excellent fishing holes right on the lake or further out if you rent a boat. If you don’t want to stay in your campground the entire visit, you can go hunting as well.

10. Pigeon Lake

Pigeon Lake - Canada
Pigeon Lake – Canada

Part of the Kawthatha lakes, Pigeon Lake is one of several small lakes clustered together. The lake is 27 km long and only 3 km wide. Much of the foliage surrounding the lake is wetlands, forests, and meadows. The natural wilderness and life give multiple places for some of the area’s favorite pastimes. The area is full of game trails for hunting, and fishing holes have pent of bass, large and small, yellow perch, Muskellunge, and carp. If you are interested in a family time out in the woods, there are numerous places to rent small cabins on the water.

11. Lac Seul

Lac Seul - Canada
Lac Seul – Canada

Lac Seul, located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, is a very large lake shaped like a crescent. It is 241 km (150 miles) wide with a depth of 47.2 meters. The lake provides many good spots for fishing yellow pickerel, northern pike, and yellow perch. The lake is extremely pure in quality, located where the former Glacial Lake Agassiz once sat. The area of the lake makes it particularly good for feeding fish and other lake inhabitants because it covers in silts and clays from the ice age.

12. Kawartha Lakes

Kawartha Lakes - Canada
Kawartha Lakes – Canada

Kawartha Lakes in Ontario is a chain of lakes that flow in from three rivers. The collection of lakes number more than 14. Across the multiple lakes, there are plenty of opportunities for fun whether you are on holiday with your family or taking some time out in the woods. The lakes are a good destination for birdwatchers as more than 259 different bird species are in the area. Along with the abundance of birds are the various species of fish that are across all the lakes. Just paddling between one lake and the next can find many different species of fish.

13. Lake Joseph

Lake Joseph- Canada
Lake Joseph- Canada

Lake Joseph, located in Northwestern Ontario, is the place to come if you love to fish. It is famous for the extremely large northern pike and walleye. There is a dam built in the middle of the lake, which means there are only a limited number of fishing permits distributed each year though if you are unable to get a permit there are plenty of places to camp around the lake and several good hiking trails to follow to their ends. Though fishing is the primary activity in this lake, there are plenty of places to swim around the lake as well.

14. Sturgeon Lake

Sturgeon Lake - Canada
Sturgeon Lake – Canada

Sturgeon Lake is an incredible place for trout fishing. It is deep and cold and has one of the deepest fishing holes in the region that is over 300’ deep. The lake is about 54 miles long while being 6 miles across. There are multiple species of fish to find and fish for including the large and smallmouth bass, walleye, muskie, whitefish, and suckers. If you are not interested in fishing than there are seasons for grouse and moose hunting with limited ice fishing during the winter months.

15. Rice Lake

Rice Lake - Canada
Rice Lake – Canada

Rice Lake is a shallow lake at only 27 feet deep across the 50 miles of lake. The lake is full of nutrients that the fish love. Largemouth bass fishing is one of the largest batches of fish found in the lake. There are professional bass fishing tournaments held every year. Found, in the 15 to 17 ft areas of the lake where the crayfish are most abundant, the smallmouth bass keeps company with Muskie fish and Anglers.  The lake, though not deep, is one of the best places to fish.

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