Water Parks in Ottawa

Water Parks In Ottawa

Visiting a water park during the height of summer is wonderful, whether it is an indoor or outdoor water park. There are plenty of opportunities for fun for the entire family without wasting a moment of the summer. The fun includes water slides, games, and plenty of good food. Explore your options with our list of the top indoor & outdoor water parks in Ottawa.

Indoor water parks in Ottawa:

1. Travelodge Ottawa West Water Park

Indoor water - Travelodge Ottawa West Water Park
Indoor water – Travelodge Ottawa West Water Park

The Travelodge Ottawa West Water Park, located in Ottawa, Canada, is an excellent place to take the entire family. Designed for conferences, families are welcome as well to enjoy all the hotel has to offer. The water park is the main draw for the families. It is huge. It also has enough for all age grounds to say busy in it. It has its own kid’s pool which fits even the smallest swimmer, a wave pool for older kids to enjoy, and a giant slide.

2. Kanata Wave Pool (Kanata Leisure Center)

Indoor water parks in Ottawa - Kanata Leisure Center
Indoor water parks in Ottawa – Kanata Leisure Center

Fun more than starts to describe the Kanata Wave Pool at the Kanata Leisure Center in Ottawa, Canada. They are full-service establishments offering fun places the entire family can swim to their wave pool which will keep the older kids and adults running. You Can also Find a place to learn. They have staff ready to teach anyone of any age how to swim and when not swimming, you can relax in their hot tub.

3. Splash (Glouster Wave Pool)

Splash (Glouster Wave Pool)
Splash (Glouster Wave Pool)

Splash, the Glouster Wave Pool, had grown substantially since its renovations back in 2010. The small swimming space now sports larger changing rooms, larger pools, and slides for all shapes and sizes. There are height limits on some slides for the safety of smaller children. The wave pool is particularly attractive for visiting teenagers and adults. They offer swimming lessons and opportunities for the children to learn proper swimming etiquette.

4. Swimming Pool Soloway JCC

4. Swimming Pool Soloway JCC
Swimming Pool Soloway JCC

The indoor pool in Ottawa, Canada is open from late spring until early fall for regular use. Attached to the local community center, which makes this swimming stand out from other pools is that face that it is saltwater. The center offers classes in yoga and swimming lessons. There is almost always adult lap swim as well. If you love swimming in saltwater for health reasons, this is where you should come. The center is a perfect place to take the entire family for a weekend away or an evening out.

Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa

1. Mont Cascades

Mont Cascades - Canada
Mont Cascades – Canada

The Mont Cascades is a park for the winter and the summer. In the winter, the slopes are open for skiing, and in the summer you can buy season tickets for their incredible water park. The water park has multiple slides, and because it is a smaller water park, your kids have more room to play. The Mont Cascades is an extremely affordable water park to visit, and it is a perfect place to bring children. The fun includes the Mammoth River ride in which five family members can plunge down a slide together and the Black Magic tunnel where you or a friend fall through the darkness to the waiting pool below.

2. Calypso

Calypso Water Park - Ottawa
Calypso Water Park – Ottawa

This amazing water park stands out from the rest in Canada. The park has a unique set up of themes along with the ability to “load” money onto fingerprints. The technology update makes it very easy to pay for rides and slides without the need to carry money. The wave pool is also extremely intense, which is ideal for any teenagers visiting the park. Smaller children should stay towards the back of the wave pool or in another fun zone. The park is currently the largest in Canada with 35 unique slides and a pool that is one of the largest in the content. The wave pool is also the largest in the country.

3. Travelodge Wet & Wild Water Park

Travelodge Wet & Wild Water Park
Travelodge Wet & Wild Water Park

The Wet and Wild Water Park is truly wild. They have state-of-the-art water slides that include seven high-intensity slides that drop you from outrageous heights and send you sliding into deep pools of water. Their fun includes a zip-line that transports your face first so you can dive into the water as you come down. The park is not all high-speed thrills, for the younger visitors, the park sports four different playgrounds with their themes and attractions. The attractions include “The Big Tipper,” a bucket that double tips 800 gallons of water.

4. Alottawata

Alottawata - Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa
Alottawata – Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa

Planning has started and continues on the Alottawata Water Park. The current versions o the park is a thrill ride of amusements children and adults love. The park is currently closed and under construction to make it the most advanced Water Park in the world. They are adding state-of-the-art ProSlides to their park, which will allow families to raft, tube, and slide around the park as much as they want. The official opening date for the new park is still pending.

5. Aladdin Park

Aladdin Park - Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa
Aladdin Park – Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa

Aladdin Park is a water park and an amusement park. The park has something for everyone and a place the entire family can visit. There are 17 slides just for the children, along with slower rides for young children. They do have several high-speed slides and pools for older kids, teenagers, and adults to enjoy. The park has an Arabian theme with food stalls, changing rooms, and shop stores all joining in the fun and themes.

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