Water Parks in Ottawa

Water Parks In Ottawa

Water parks in Ottawa is a good option for families with kids to spend unforgettable weekends or holidays. During a hot summer day, outdoor waterparks offer tons of thrill and adventure for visitors, while in winter, Ottawa indoor water parks have great facilities and attractions which give a unique experience for all ages.

Ottawa waterparks include lots of funs, such as water slides, swimming pools, hot tub, and plenty of water rides. Stay cool on a hot summer day and explore your options with our list of top indoor and outdoor water parks in Ottawa.

Outdoor water parks in Ottawa:

Outdoor water parks in Ottawa is a large parks and offering so many thrill and a adventure for everyone. some of them has lots of attractions and they are more than water park, includes familyzoo, slopes for hill ski and so many things to do and discover.

Mont Cascades

Mont Cascades is one of Ottawa’s most popular mountain waterpark Located about 30 minutes drive from downtown of Ottawa city. The park has lots of leisure activities for both summer and winter times.

Mont Cascades - Ottawa waterpark
Mont Cascades – Water park Ottawa

during hot summer, the water Park offers wide variety of water games for adults and young kids including….. fall pools, splash forest which combines all excitement of Slides with “activewater play”, kiddie slide for kids with beach style Wading pool, and so many other beautiful activities. the resort also includs Mammoth River ride in which five family can plunge down as slide together and magic tunnel where you fall through the darkness to the waiting pool below.

While in the winter time, the park opens decent number of trails and slopes for down hill skiing and snow boarding. the place is more than waterpark everyone will enjoy spending a day with family and friends.

Mont cascades  - waterpark Ottawa
Mont Cascades – hill Skiing

What makes Mont Cascades a popular waterpark in Ottawa?

  • A park with a spectacular view of mountain! and amazing picnic area.
  • Provide all kinds of water rides, water games, and ski for all ages.
  • Excellent staff with reasonable entrance fees.
  • Nice variety of funs and activities for both summer and winter season.
  • Close to Ottawa easy to get into with different options of transportations.

Good for:

  • Ideal place for thrill Ski experience you have had.
  • Suitable destination for families with kids of age under 14 years.

Note: Avoid visiting Mont Cascades during busy time such as weekends and family day unless you like long line ups everywhere.

Calypso them waterpark

Calypso theme waterpark is a wonderful summer destination to be for families and thrill seekers. the park features vary of amazing activities and attractions forall ages. the fun includes 100 water games, over 35 water slides and two theme Rivers!

Calypso theme waterpark - wave pool Ottawa
Calypso theme waterpark – wave pool Ottawa

Calypso is currently the largest water Park in Ottawa with the largest wave pool in the country. there are so much fun and attractions including, slides for families with small kids , play area for adults and two well-served VIP Zones for families or friends.

The park has a unique set up along with the ability to “Load” money onto fingerprints. The technology update makes it very easy to pay for rides and slides without the need to carry money. Calypso waterpark has so much things to do and see for the Family.

Calypso theme water park

What makes Calypso waterpark a Must Visit?

  • The country’s largest waterpark with largest wave pool for everyone in a hot summer day.
  • Interesting beach and splashing around the water with friends and family.
  • Very big park you never feel crowded unless you line ups for some popular slides.
  • Very clean park, has wide variety of fun and attractions, over 35 slides, 100 water games, and two theme Rivers.

Good For :

  • Great place for families with kids to visit in summer time
  • Ideal place for relaxation with innovative VIP zone, Lazy river and beautiful surroundings.

Atlantis water Park

Atlantis Waterpark Located in Saint- Calixte, Quebec 1h from Montreal. The park has of 4 interesting attractions such as Waterpark, Family zoo, Magic Castle and Haunted house.

Atlantis waterpark  - outdoor waterpark Ottawa
Atlantis water park

The water Park has different types of water games, amazing water slides, very clean wave pool and tube courses for small kids.

In addition, the park has a nice Family zoo with over 300 animals where you can get a unique and educational experience.

Atlantis park also hosted 18,000 sq.ft, 3 floors horror and fear haunted house which bravest of all visitors. along with all above attractions, Atlantis Park has an interesting Magic Castle which is 30 minutes Magical journey, animated by very talented characters.

Atlantis water park - water park Ottawa
Atlantis waterpark

What make Atlantis different from other waterparks in Ottawa

  • Unforgettable destination to spend a full trip day with very cool water park, interesting zoo, horror haunted house and so many thrilling attractions to do.
  • A helpful and friendly staff with clean wave pool and tubes course for young children.
  • Changing place with clean wash rooms are available for families.

Good for:

  • If you want more than a water park experience, then head to the Atlantis.
  • Ideal place for camping with amazing and new brand playgrounds for the families wit kids under 15 years old.
  • With tons of activities and attractions, Atlantis waterpark is great adventure experience for everyone.

Super Aqua club

Super Aqua club is Located in Pointe-Calumet, Quebec, 30 minutes from Montreal. the waterpark is most complete and closest. With more than 45 attractions the park is suitable for everyone. The visitors enjoy in extraordinary environment, so many swimming pools besides a clear sand beach! There is incredible wave pool, lots of family attractions and thrill rides for all ages.

Super Aqua club - Ottawa outdoor waterpark
Super Aqua Club – Wipe – Zone

The Super Aqua Club is the unforgettable destination for families with children in a hot summer time to enjoy their day. the fun also includes too many water games, such as Tsunami, a high Tornado, an amazing storm with six slides, and wipe zone. the park is really worth to try for the whole family.

Super Aqua Club - Ottawa water park
Super Aqua Club – wave pool in Ottawa

What makes Super Aqua club tick?

  • The park is flat where you can see everything.
  • Very big waterpark in Ottawa with a beachside picnic area and many theme slides for everyone
  • The park has a clean facilities and washroom with friendly staff.

Good for:

  • Super Aqua Club is suitable for various ages (infant – adult)
  • Great place to bring your kids, there are so many swimming pools besides a sand beach.


Planning has started and continues on the Alottawata WaterPark. The current versions of the park is a thrill ride of amusements children and adults love. The park is currently closed and under construction to make it the most advanced Water Park in the world. They are adding state-of-the-art ProSlides to their park, which will allow families to raft, tube, and slide around the park as much as they want. The official opening date for the upgraded version of the park is yet to be announced.

Alottawata - Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa
Alottawata – Outdoor Water Parks in Ottawa

Indoor water parks in Ottawa :

Visiting indoor water parks in Ottawa during winter time is just wonderful. all parks offers hot tub, Sauna and warm swimming pools with wide variety of water games and rides for everyone

Kanata Leisure Centre and wave pool

Kanata Leisure Centre is a public swimming pool opened in 1988. The center is well known for its wave pool and is considered as one of the best Ottawa indoor waterpark for everyone. The center features lots of water rides such as, a large wave pool, hot tub, kiddie pool, and water slides for all ages. there is also a clean fitness center with basic facilities you will need for workout. The gym is not that big but its swimming pools make sense. They offer classes for wide variety of exercise and swimming. The place is worth to visit for families with children.

Kanata Leisure Centre and wave pool indoor swimming pool Ottawa
Kanata Leisure Centre and wave pool

What makes Kanata Leisure Centre popular?

  • The location is easy to reach and close to highway.
  • Great fitness center with basic facilities and clean Sauna room for everyone.
  • The pools are warmer comparing to other swimming pools in Ottawa.
  • Friendly staff and knowledgeable trainers for swimming and exercise classes.

Good for:

  • Their large wave pool, hot tub and kiddie pool makes it good option for families with small kids.
  • Leisure fitness center for everyone with a nice Sauna room for relaxation.

Splash wave pool

Splash is one of four wave pools in Ottawa, had grown substantially since its renovations back in 2010. the place is well maintained with excellent facilities. the center is indoor swimming complex featuring a full size lane pool, great size of indoor tub slides, shallow warm pool, spray fountain, Super fun wave pools for the whole family….. and so many other water activities to do and experience.

Splash Wave Pool - indoor Ottawa waterpark
Splash Wave Pool

Splash wave pool is offering great swimming lessons for small kids with knowledgeable and helpful instructors. The place is the best option for indoor swimming pool that you will ever seenfor families and thrill-seekers.

Note : check out before you visit if the slides and wave pool are operating.

What makes Splash wave pool popular

  • Clean and large water park with excellent facilities.
  • Super thrill wave pools and heated shallow area along with other funs for all ages.
  • The place is well maintained with reasonable enter price.

Good for:

  • good option for families with small kids and babies.
  • Ideal Place for swimming lessons with knowledgeable and friendly instructors for for small children.

Soloway JCC

Soloway JCC is a Jewish community centre, Located in Ottawa city, Canada. The center is large enough and has hundreds of programs and facilities for all ages. The place is clean, good organized with helpful staff and Excellent personal trainers for all classes. The center has fitness center with perfect equipmentand salted swimming indoor and outdoor pools for everyone. the indoor pool has a nice 25m lane pool with clean and salt water, shallow kids pool, therapeutic water tub, and patio lounges for leisure relaxation.

 Soloway JCC - Ottawa indoor swimming pool
Soloway JCC – swimming pool Ottawa

Soloway JCC also has awesome outdoor pool open for spring to early autumn which has an amazing patio with chairs and tables. there is also a nice fitness center offers wide variety of programs and classes, such as Yoga , Aqua-fit, different kinds of workout and therapy exercise for adults. Soloway JCC is perfect place to take the whole family for weekends away or an evening out.

What makes Soloway JCC a must-Visit?

  • a nice and clean swimming pools from top to bottom and side to side.
  • Soloway JCC features well-mixed of both outdoor and indoor attractions which makes it ideal destination for summer and winter time.
  • Wide variety of perfect facilities with lots of fun for all ages.
  • Plentiful lockers, excellent cardio machines, knowledgeable personal trainers for huge numbers of classes and programs.

Good for:

  • If you love swimming in salt water for health reasons, this is where you should plan.
  • Ideal for so many classes for children and adult, such as swimming, Yoga , so many types of workouts, and different Aquatic pre-school classes.
  • It has amazing patio lounge which provides a leisure and relaxation for everyone.
  • Great place for Jewish to come together for events, sports, exercise concerts and Kosher Meals.

Plant Recreation centre

Plant recreation centre also historically known plant bath, located in the west of Ottawa, Canada. The center was built in 1924 for health and hygiene purposes for lower-class people. In 1994 the place selected as heritage property and in 1997 plant bath closed for safety reasons.

Plant recreation centre - ottawa indoor swimming  pool
Plant recreation centre – swimming pool in Ottawa

In 2004 Plant recreation centre have been rehabilitated and reopened for visitors with some changes and new buildings. They removed pools from old building and added new recreations, such as hot tub, 2 new pools with diving board, steam bath and clean changing rooms. the center also offers great swimming classes for small kids and adults with helpful instructors.

What makes Plant recreation centre popular?

  • Great and enough staff around you to answer any questions or concerns you have.
  • Amazing Community pool with many inspiring swim buddies.
  • The center has a nice hall for wedding day and other family festival with modern tables and chairs.
  • Lots of activities and attractions for families and friends.

Good for:

  • Good holiday option for families with small children.
  • Perfect swimming lessons for small kids and many other courses

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