10 Best Places to Visit in California

California is a golden state to live in. The sun is out most days and there are endless beaches to enjoy the entire length of it. It is the perfect place to go for an extended vacation and to see some amazingly beautiful cities. Some of the best places to visit in California are:

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of hills and incredible food. It is also one of the best places to visit in California. It has tons of houses and neighborhoods that date back to the early days of the city. This city is edgy and alive with people and adventure. You can sunbathe on the bay with sea lions or take a ride on a historic cable car. One of the biggest attractions is, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge which spans the bay and glows in the morning or afternoon sunshine. You can take a trip to a small cozy island in the bay known as Alcatraz and see the famous prison up close or visit Ghirardelli Square which serves the best chocolate ever.

San Diego

One of the best places to visit in California is San Diego. San Diego draws people to its city for all kinds of fun. They have 70 miles of coastline to surf, swim, and walk on as well as The San Diego Zoo which is one of the best in the country. The best place to catch a wave is Mission Beach. The City is full of good food to eat and if you visit Coronado, you will enjoy the perfect seaside experience.  If you like the nightlife, then a visit to the historical Gaslight Quarter is a must.


Yosemite National Park is one of the most amazing natural landscapes you can see in California. This park is 1,200 square miles of beautiful waterfalls, Sequoia trees, and the most unique cliff faces and rock formations. Most people who visit Yosemite only enjoy eight miles of the valley. The draw of these eight miles is the Half Dome and El Capitan two famous landmarks with several wonderful hiking trails to them. Guided tours are available for the less experienced hikers and come prepared for crowds. This is a place everyone wants to enjoy so take your friends and your family on this trip.

Big Sur

If you need a peaceful place to go to readjust your mind then you need to visit the Big Sur. This area is a very remote place that is peaceful and full of natural wonder. Just getting to the Big Sur is peaceful. You can drive in on the Pacific Coast Highway which makes for a very lovely scenic drive which winds its way along cliffs boarding the state. By driving the coastline you see the beauty of the water and the waves. Going to the Big Sur is a place where you can feel independent and free.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beachfront paradise for the entire family. It is located 15 miles from Los Angeles and is the beachfront play area you want. The beach is as amazing as the food. There are a number of quaint shops to visit and the Pacific Park Pier is a place to enjoy an amusement park with the kids or visit Third Street for the popular Third Street Promenade. This is also a place to see an amazing sunset so staying out late to see it is the first part of a magical evening.


One of the top reasons to visit California is to visit Anaheim. It is home to “The Happiest Place on Earth” Disneyland. This amazing attraction holds the wonder of youth for adults and is the start of an adventure for kids. If you don’t want to spend all your time at Disney land when you visit you can enjoy a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm and for a night out, eating at Medieval Times, the restaurant will get you more than dinner and a show. They offer the unique opportunity to watch train horsemen and women ride, fight and joust as they did in the medieval era.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the backdrop of many movies. It is also a city of things to see such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Getty Center. You can also tour the Paramount Picture Studio and the Warner Brother Studio and see where some of the movie magic gets its life. Venice Beach is worth a visit to see the beach vanishing into the distance and the city provides the Malibu, a lively downtown shopping area. The attractions aren’t close in this city, but it is worth the time to track them all down.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the amazing places to visit in California. Lake Tahoe is an area for outdoor exploration. This is an area that has something to offer the outdoor enthusiast in every season. It is a perfect spot to go skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. In the spring, summer, and fall, it is time for hiking and boating. It is also a good place for light strolls or unwinding by the lake for the people looking to relax a bit more. You can visit the Emerald Bay State Park or the D. L. Bliss State Park.

 Sequoia National Park

A visit to the Sequoia National Park will show you some tall trees; in fact, they are some of the tallest in the world. These trees are not just large, they are giant. The park, established in 1940, prevented the area from being logged. At the same time, King Canyon National Park was formed and the parks were eventually hooked together into one big park. A visit here will give you the opportunity to see the world’s largest tree, the General Sherman Tree. It stands over 275 feet tall and is 36 feet wide. You can also enjoy a lot of hiking in the region or explore the many caves the dot the landscape.

 Laguna Beach

If you need a beautiful, small town to visit then Laguna Beach is your destination. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in California. Laguna Beach is an area of beaches. There a coves big and small to enjoy that you can wander and swim in. Main Beach and Crescent Bay are the most popular, but it isn’t hard to find your own favorite. The area is full of activities for enjoying the water and Crystal Cove State Park should is always worth a visit.

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